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This is my corner for musicians, where my work is oriented only around music and concert performances.

Idea is to try to capture music and its energy and emotion by my camera alone.

Based in Norway / available worldwide

Make a statement with a stunning artistic portrait. I will work with you to create an image that truly captures your personality and style.

From festivals to intimate concerts, capturing the perfect shot and freezing a moment in time that transports viewers to the heart of the music performance

I find that preparation and the final moments before going to the stage as crucial in portraying of an artistic and his performance. So i tend to sneak around before and after the concert as well.

Check if I am available and get your quote today

nino felbab.jpg


I am Stavanger based photographer, father of two and husband to a lovely wife. I have been surrounded by art my whole life. Being a professional musician who grew up with my clarinet and classical music in general is something that shaped my personality in a great deal. As a musician you get to experience these surreal moments on stage that give you energy and joy of life but unfortunately vanish all too soon. I always wanted to capture and keep these moments with me somehow. And slowly my spirit and a little bit of fate led me in a new direction, into the world of photography. Photography for me is a medium that, given the right circumstances, can tell a story truer than the words. 


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